Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Sunset Dibeberapa Tempat di Jepang

Tokyo Sky on Fire
Have had some stellar sunsets pretty much every evening this week.
Mt. Fuji can be seen to the right behind the mountains.
HDR rendered photo taken from the office with my Sony DSC-P10 camera (thus the lower resolution/quality).

This was shot about 5 minutes before the earlier Sangenjaya Sunset picture I posted a few days back.
Thought I'd include this one as well as the Sun is full-on and there is more of the city in the foreground. That and I've got a soft spot for sunset shots ;-)
5xp freehand (with lens pressed against the window) HDR rendered photo taken from the 26th floor of the Carrot building in Sangenjaya Tokyo, Japan.
This photo has notes. Move your mouse over the photo to see them.

Almost didn't post this pic because I made the mistake of leaving the ISO to "automatic", which when pointing the camera at the sun makes for a high ISO and *very* grainy pictures!This sunset was one of the best I've seen in a long time, and just had to do what I could to salvage this! Put a lot of work into getting as much noise as I could out of the pic while still retaining some semblance of an actual photo!
HDR rendered photo taken from the office in Tokyo, Japan.

Looking out from the World Trade Center Building in Tokyo. I don't know why I didn't know about this place before, but it has some of the best views of the city, and it's only Y620! My first time up there, and I forgot my tripod mount! I got there at 530, and waited an hour or so for sunset.
I like the framing of the random skyscrapers, the sunset, and Fuji-san.
A bunch of other folks around there, waiting for sunset too. But why are there stupid people on Earth that insist on using their flash THROUGH A FRIKKEN WINDOW!? All it does it bounce back glare and ruin their pictures, and causes a lot of light pollution in mine; ruined a whole set of HDR because of flashes going off nearby! lol. Ah well.

This was the view I had around 7pm this evening walking out of the station.
Good thing I had my autobracket-capable Sony DSC-P10 point-n-shoot camera to snap this +/-1 EV HDR shot!
Yet another beautiful Tokyo sunset; thanks to Obon (Summer vacation, thus factories closed) and the Typhoon down in Southern Japan that pulled cooler air (and clearer skies) from the North.

soka sunset strip.sunset is early here, this is before six in the evening!

Is starting to become customary of me snapping a few shots off with my Nokia cameraphone while on late-afternoon runs from the office after work.
Most shots aren't worth keeping/posting, but a few from time to time pop up that I'd like to keep for posterity's sake.
Non HDR shot taken as I was crossing one of the many bridges in the Shinkawa area of Tokyo.

Sun setting over Tokyo. I spent half of the day test driving my new Nikon D200 -- its bracketing is just wonderful for HDR imaging -- allowing up to 9 shots in a sequence.

HDR rendered photo taken with my Sony pocket camera (DSC-P10) at sunset from my office looking out towards the new office complex going up in Roppongi.

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