Senin, 10 Mei 2010

Benda-benda yang terbuat dari kayu

Collection of creative gadgets and product designs made out of wood.

Wooden iPod Dock

Eco-friendly Apple iPod dock made from salvaged materials.

Wooden Camera MP3 Player

Handmade wooden MP3 players can play MP3, WMA and OGG files.

Wooden LED clock

This LED clock, designed by Kouji Iwasaki, is covered in a very thin layer of veneer that permits the LEDs to shine through.

Solid Wood Stapler

Standard stapler with a natural wood exterior.

Wooden Laptop Case

Creative laptop case with magnetic lock and leather lining.

Wooden Computer Mouse

This wooden mouse is handmade from Chinese flowering ash.

Wooden Computer Keyboard

Keyboard from Japanese electronics company Marubeni Infotec.

Wood Plinth Clock

Clock made from a slice of natural wood with a clear lacquer finish.

Wooden Bicycle

Marco Facciola, a 16-year-old high school student, created a functional bicycle from wood.

iWood Cobra iPhone Case

Wooden iPhone case carved from one piece of the finest wood.

Split Wood Vase

Creative vase designed by Japanese design collective Teori.

Wooden Speakers

Korea’s I-Dear speakers can hook up to your favorite media player.

Wooden Tape Measure

This useful tape measure is created from beautiful dark wood and is small enough to fit in any handbag.

Wooden Clamp USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive designed to look like a regular wooden clamp.

Plywood Headphones

David Burel’s headphones made of nine layers of varnished plywood.

Wooden Gun Ruler

Unusual hard wood ruler that is shaped like a handgun.

WALL-E Wooden Sculpture

This wooden sculpture was commissioned by Disney as a gift for Pixar/Disney chief creative officer John Lasseter.

Treebuttons Magnets

Wood magnets made from salvaged cross sections of branches

Maple Cell Phone Concept

Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee designed a cell phone concept covered in thin wooden film, with touch sensitive buttons that light up through the housing when you touch the phone.

Audiowood Turntable

Custom turntable by Joel Scilley made from a raw-edged wood.

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